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About me

Hey, here you are!

So come to learn a little bit

more about me.

I like a lot of things in my life but some of them are just on the top of my list of things that make life better!

Climbing and Walking

Thanks to my parents I learned to love walking and take my time to appreciate the world around me.

That is really helpful when you have to step back on ideas or just when you need inspiration.

Technologie and Science

How can I present my self if I don’t talk about VR, AR, AI, Machine learning, Space, Astronomie, Physics, MATHEMATICS !!!
HAAAA to many things.

I think I will never have the time to learn all of this but never mind I learn what I can.

But to be clear. VR and AR are, for me, an important progress of how we can teach/express/help other peoples.
The medical use of VR is just incredible. With this tool, we can now try to fight against phobia and other things like this.

Another thing I appreciate is this: PARTICIPATORY RESEARCH GAMES
If you don’t know what is that it’s, to be simple, scientists that put in-game real problem and let the player try to resolve them. And that, it’s cool!
An example here: http://fold.it/portal/

Drama and Social Behavior

From my childhood, I’m passionate about Drama. Trying to give emotions to an audience is really satisfying. Link to my experience on Game Master in Donjon and Dragon, this is one of the many reasons that led me to Game Design.

Also, I like to spend my free time questioning myself and looking for arguments that can move me forward as an individual.
A difficult exercise but very important I thinks if you want to understand the world and the humans that live in.