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Game Project

Virtual Alechemist

Online multiplayer VR game

Embody an Alchemist in his tower. Craft and Throw potion to destroy your opponent’s tower.


Contemplative flying simulator game

The idea is to sit back and relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of these floating islands and their monuments.


Solo boss fight game

Evolve in a city formerly inhabited by gods. You play versus the Astral god named Dekhana. You will follow the pace of the narration introduced by cutscens, splash screen and voice dialogues.

Game Jam


Explore the space with your ship and destroy Plutonium Core to save the galaxy and upgrade your spaceship.

Look At Earth

Discovered this app realized during the Space Apps challenge 2018, allowing people to learn about the correlation between different parameters influencing variations above our dear Earth.

Santa Nibal

A roguelike procedurally generated game where you fight against christmas villains.


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